About Us

Brands are enriched planners in the world of material Existence. And we at Nerellas believe that there cannot be a phase of non-reactionary Inertia with the operational excellence posed by physical brands in the competitive market scenario. Our understanding states that the same can be said about how people react to brands, products, or expensive marketing campaigns. In a media – flooded environment where messages are being targeted across the consuming class in an umpteen manner, its very difficult for marketers to find a space for themselves and our endeavor remains to connect, engage and enrich the consuming population across all locations.

In the Nerellas community we believe in creating tribes and communities in our engagement model of existence, which shall revolve around the DNA of the brand, built upon certain critical factors of existence. Adding on we would like our consumers to share with us their stories around the products that we manufacture and how it augments their daily life and experiences. Our cultural belief is based on the true factors of open sourcing in terms of ideas, process knowledge and material knowhow. And therefore we would be happy to build our brands in conjunction with the human spirit model not only for the brand(s) but also the manner in which people connect with us. Some of the salient features of our models are built on the following nomenclatures mentioned herewith.

  • Packaging and Structure

    The brand has been built upon the charismatic eyes of its creator with the real focus on giving a classic feel. The idea behind the colour and the Logo structure is to go beyond the basic realms of contemporary depth to futuristic dimension, where each element must give the consumer a power of sustainable growth and a feeling of oneness. The bright sheen of BLUGRAIN PURPLE, which has been earmarked for the Packaging, exudes the power behind the DNA of the brand and also reinstates consumer traction for the usage of the products.

    The Logo for Nerellas has been created with an essence of newness to the category where the styles have been decoded under a new font structure, which will appeal across the cross sections of the society and will have relevance, parlance for generational cohorts to come forth. The entire font structure will be built under the cohesive effects of the Brand – Sub Brand Culture with products integrated within them. It shall also have the flavor of regionalism within them as a category structure in times to come.

  • Persona

    The persona of the brand is Neo Male and the structural built surrounding it must flourish consumer preferences, Loyalty and delight monoliths around it. Understanding ones persona is critical to creating authenticity around the brand which will have multiple reflection points like name, font, colour, website presence etc. Shopping experiences will also have a reflection on the persona entrusted with the creation of trust manifestos. Our Model Aims at creating the following as a part of Persona creation in the shopping, which will have a cascading, experience in the execution. Nerellas brand aims to create the following typed connections with the consumer marquee’s over a period of time in a sequential Manner: ACHIEVERS – AMBASSADORS – ASSERTORS – ATHELETES – BACKGROUNDERS – BELIEVERS – CALMERS –CHARMERS – CAREGIVERS – CONFIDENCE EMITTERS – CONNECTORS – CREATORS – DIAMOND CUTTERS – DRIVERS - EVANGELISTS – EXPERTS – FANS – GIVERS – MOTIVATORS - MOVERS – OPTIMISTS – PERFORMERS – PHILANTHROPHISTS – ROCKS – SAGES Etc. Which will be reflected within our integration points to be envisaged over a period of time.

  • Intrinsicity

    It is the unique set of Associations within the Minds of the Target Customers. It presents what Nerellas stands for as a Brand, and what beliefs it wants to propagate about itself. It is generally the perception that sets in within consumer profiles and Nerellas, as a Brand will steer all its energies to create a robust Brand Structure to its Advantage. Uniquely today Nerellas products are famous for its imagery around the ‘Clean and Hygiene’ orientation fundamentals and positions itself under the acronym of ‘

  • Connectors

    Nerellas as a Brand boast of not only having presence within the Indian Market but also having been loved across shores in 25+ Nations. Its robust network allows it to deliver unique technologies for human use within the food segment at consumable prices. These connectors also help and add to the overall build up and specification(s) outlook for the organization. They also notify the Organization to build consumer fan stories that Nerellas as a brand envisages to build within a period of time supporting not only the consumer structures but also the brand structures. The brand connectors’ spectrum recognizes that these options define a continuum that involves the principal strategies and the adjoining sub-strategies. It will have a reflection in the product expansion hierarchies in times to come and also the cohesive integrations that shall be created to make long standing Nerellas brand mixes.

  • Resonance

    The Resonance exhibited by the Nerellas brand will be governed by a principal consumer acceptance to the products. It will have an overall impact on the following:

    Behavior of the Consumer in terms of Purchase Decisions Attitude of the Consumers in their acceptance of the Brand(s) and Sub -brands(s), thereby inflicting a sense on the sales Community Forums for the Brand, where Nerellas as a brand will not only be promoted through word of Mouth (WOM) but also through references creating Augmented Consumer bases Engagements with Nerellas, and cross communication forums shall be created.


    HIGHEST FOCUS ON QUALITY DELIVERY AT AFFORDABLE PRICES With the Vision of creating a Leadership Stature in Packaged food Segment

    PACKAGING & STRUCTURE - Logo, Packaging, Font, Other Representative Elements

    Positioning Elements, Hygiene Orientation Etc
    Brand Advantages, Critical Considerations And Perceived

    CONNECTORS Global Presence,Traction and Architecture
    PERSONA NEO Male Characteristics – Consumer Representative
    Behavior, Attitude, Community Forums, Engagement Models
  • Peripherals

    One of the most critical components in the creation of the Nerellas brand is peripherals and the advantages that they create both for the internal and external consumers. It helps us in managing our costs and prices similarly, which is engulfed in a protection cover of perception. Our understanding on the peripheral schemes gives us a distinct advantage in manifesting the appended Nerellas values in its value creation process and Architecture.

    1. Brands which offer fewer products, Vis – a – Vis brands which offer increased compatible variety are perceived as having higher quality; We believe in changing the rules of the game and envisage strict controls in all product categories whereby delivering superior brand advantages across all platforms

    2. This effect is mediated by product variety’s impact on perceived expertise; Our technological knowhow is unparalleled which helps us in managing costs and similarly prices

    3. The higher perceived quality produces a greater choice share of the higher variety brand, even among consumers who select options that multiple brands offer - We encourage maximum variety enclosure and our product extensions are similarly planned with a strict executional Framework.

    4. Product variety also impacts post-experience perceptions of taste. Since our most offerings are self managed and produced – therefore the 3E™ model is always Augmenting for us in terms managing excitement, experience and Engagement

    These findings suggest that in addition to directly affecting brand choice share through influencing the fit with consumer preferences, product line length can also indirectly affect brand choice through influencing perceived brand - quality4 is the key to delivery.