Prawn contains very high proteins and has high nutritional values. This food has become a mandatory dish for non vegetarians across the globe with mouth watering taste. The demand is souring up in the markets. We provide quality prawns at affordable price. Our products are hygienic and safe to eat. We ensure our products are maintained below -180c thourgh out the supply chain to retain the freshness and quality. We ensured our products are free from harmful ingredients and contaminations.

Timely delivery of our products is one of the priorities to satisfy our customers.

Nerellas has its speciality in manufacturing and exporting prawns world wide. It has also launched itself in the retail space of the Indian market with the understated categories :

Retail Market

Shahi Medium

Shera Small

Maha Jumbo

Export or International Market

Frozen Shrimps

Frozen White Shrimps

Frozen Black Tiger Shrimps

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